New Freak-Shirt available:









The "Freakshirts" are in a strictly Limited Edition and it's our way to push for some great local bands(NRW,Germany) There's lot's of great local bands (and around the rest of the globe as well),there's lot's of other bands we would like to make a tribute t-shirt with...but hey, we have to start somewhere....First out was a shirt with 2nd DISTRICT.....if you're into "glam-punk-rock'n'roll...then do yourself a favour and check them out!!!

Shirt number 2 in our serie of Limited shirts we've picked an absoulutely great Hardrock/Metal band called CROSSPLANE....It's worth to check them out if you're into bands in the vains of Motörhead,Tank...late 70's early 80´s Bulldozer rock'n'roll...check them out!!!